What Is That!? Garbage Disposal Noises That Require Immediate Attention

November 23, 2020
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Garbage Disposal Noises

One of the loudest sounds in the kitchen are the grinding motor sounds emanating from the sink, and that sound is typical for a garbage disposal. However, if your garbage disposal seems louder than normal, or making strange noises, it may need to be looked at by a professional.

Most homeowners know the sound all too well. Something gets stuck in the disposal, and either the motor shuts off, or the sound it makes with that object stuck inside is enough to chase you out of the house.

As bad as the sound gets, it’s not the end of the world, and luckily, we have plumbers in King of Prussia, PA, ready and willing to take care of the issue. Sometimes the problem is more than an object jammed inside the disposal. The units are strong and stout and deliver an immense amount of torque in a small package.

Electrical problems will derail an otherwise working unit. The problem could be internal or external, but only a qualified plumber understands the work required for a suitable repair, and in the safest way possible. Regardless of the problem, the pros at Avanti Plumbing and Heating will have it under control in no time.

Noises that You Can’t Ignore

Your garbage disposal handles a wide variety of food items, and sometimes pieces of food will get caught inside the unit, and the noise is unbearable. It may seem worse than it is.

I wouldn’t try to troubleshoot this problem without our assistance. The best option is to call for our garbage disposal repair in Pottstown, PA for help. Our guys understand how these units go together and what makes them work.

The parts withstand high-pressure and high-torque situations constantly. That said, everything inside the units has extra strength built-in to last. When a mechanical problem occurs, it might cause the parts to become misaligned and won’t spin or grind properly, or without excessive noise. The grinding chamber might jam, or food or other debris might get wedged between the blades and cause a loud noise.

Most disposal units come supplied with an offset wrench designed to help you turn the motor to loosen the jammed object. Any time you work this close to the unit, always remove the power first.

If you loosen the jammed object, use the proper tool to remove it from the unit. A seed or other piece of food might be the only problem. But, if there’s a severe mechanical problem, don’t try to use the disposal. Instead, call the disposal repair team in Pottstown, PA, for help.