4 Uncommon Signs That Indicate The Need To Install New Water Heaters

February 1, 2022
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Water Heaters

We all want hot running water and a warm home to come back to. The news that your water heaters are not working properly is like a cutting knife especially when it’s freezing outside and you have to use cold water.

A good water heater can last you around a decade but technology can not be relied upon. And this is why when you see any sign of disturbance with your water heater, you need to start thinking about changing it because a few signs when combined are a surety that your water heater will give up any time. 

Here are some signs of water heaters that will stop working any time and this is why you should think about installing a new water heater as soon as possible!

Instances of Hot Water Running Out

If your water heater is failing to heat water properly and you are frequently facing situations where your hot water runs out for short instances, then this means that you need to change your water heaters because its capacity of heating water is going down and you will be facing hot water shortages more frequently now.

You can find rust in your water Due To Water Heaters

The general rule of using water is to use water that has a clear Color and doesn’t smell bad. It often happens that you find rust in your water and this is a sign that the anode rods that are present in your water heater have stopped working. These rods are used to take out harmful materials from the water. If you find rust in your water and you’ve changed your rods not too long ago, then this means that your water heater has a fault and needs to be changed. Replacing the rods will mean facing the same problem after a while so it’s better to install a new water heater with better technology.

 “Avanti – the plumbing and drain experts” can help you install a new water heater. We also have professional plumbers and plumbing machinery through which we can also check for any plumbing issues in your pipes that may have caused the rust to appear in the water. 

Puddles of water beneath the water heaters

If your water heater has puddles beneath it then this means that it has a leakage problem. Leakages can be repaired but if the puddles are too big then this means that the damage is big and you will have to install a new water heater. You can call our professionals to inspect the water heaters and guide you on the next step.

Low Water Pressure in The Taps

It is not an easy job to observe fluctuations of water pressure in your taps. But if you notice sediments coming out of your taps this means that there is the low water pressure in your taps. The pressure differential does not allow the particles to separate from the water and they come along with the water into the faucet. The reason for low water pressure can be your aging water heaters so you better get it checked.