Mistakes Amateur Plumbers Make That Can Cost You Extra Money

February 1, 2022
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Did you know that on average about 12% of the water you use is wasted on leaks? This means an add on your water bills for the water that is leaking from your pipes. Calling plumbers can help, but if you call an unprofessional plumber for help, you may increase the problem and hence the water bill. 

Small plumbing tasks like replacing a toilet handle are an easy DIY project which can also be handled by an amateur plumber but if you make the mistake of giving such more complicated tasks like fixing water leaks and installing designer faucets to an amateur plumber then this is a mistake you will regret later.

Here are some mistakes amateur plumbers make which can lead to an increase in your water bills and leaks in your plumbing.

Amateur Plumbers Use Drain Cleaners Rather Instead of Drain Snakes

A common mistake made by nonprofessionals to unclog the pipes is the excessive use of drain cleaners which are strong acids that help wash away the drain. Since these chemicals are strong, they eat away the surface of your drain pipes over time. This can lead to further leaks or the breaking of the pipes after some time.

Overtightening Plumbing Pieces By The Plumbers

Tightening your plumbing pipes and pieces is a good thing but if you go overboard with them by tightening them too hard, it will result in the pieces getting broken. If you apply too much force on the tightening of the plumbing pieces l, they will crack for sure. When time passes these cracks shift due to temperature changes and cause the cracks to widen or burst all of a sudden causing your kitchens to be flooded. 

Handling Clogged Ventilation pipes 

Drain pipes balance the air and water pressure to push out the sewerage to the sewers. Sometimes these drain pipes are clogged which causes the water and air balance to get disturbed. Hiring a non-professional plumber for this job would be an absurd idea. You need professional plumbers who have the right equity to get the job done without creating a mess in your plumbing pipes. The plumbing team at Avanti is known to have a lot of experience in opening clogged pipes with the help of the latest equipment.

Improper P-Trap Installation 

A P- Trap is a U-shaped pipe that is installed below the drain assembly. It prevents the water from flowing back from the drains to your home. It also prevents sewerage gas from entering your homes. The P-Trap needs to be installed at an angle to make sure that the water drains out. If this isn’t installed properly, you may have to face serious consequences of inhaling sewer gas in the form of nausea, fatigue, headache, and problems with memory.

Amateur plumbers may claim to have inserted the P-Trap right but he may not have an idea about the placement being right or wrong. This is why you need to hire a proper professional for this job.