3 Signs That Mean You Need To Call Our Plumbers for a Fix

January 7, 2022
Avatar for Maria ToscoMaria Tosco

The first human instinct when facing a water problem is trying to DIY a solution and find a fix. If you are one of those people who try to become plumbers or try to find out why there’s no water in the tap then don’t! You may make the problem worse which may cost you double the amount you may have to pay. 

Here are some signs which mean you instantly need to call plumbers or I will fix them for you before it’s too late!

There is no water in the taps

The sentence “Water is essential for life to prevail” hits you the most when you wake up one morning to find no water in the tap. That can be a nerve-wracking moment for some people as they have to be at an important meeting or get things done but they can’t even use the bathroom. 

The first thing you need to do is call your neighbors. If your neighbors are facing the same issue then you need to contact the property management but if it’s only your house, this means there is something seriously wrong with your plumbing that needs immediate attention. 

The reason for this might be frozen pipes or major leaks in the plumbing which you won’t be able to detect or fix yourself. Avanti plumbing and Drain experts are the company you should call in such situations because apart from a quick response rate, the company also has the latest plumbing equipment in the market.

You have low water pressure

If the water in your taps isn’t coming out with full pressure or force, it is a sign that you need to call plumbers. Low water flow means blockage in the pipes or a potential leak that is diverting the flow of the water. One way to figure this out is to check if the water flow is low in only one tap or in more than one tap. If the problem is with one tap then there is probably something stuck with the aerator which you can open and clean yourself. If the problem persists with other taps as well then there is something bigger going on and you need a professional’s help for it.

The Drains Aren’t Draining Water Without Plumbers

Clogs often build up in drain pipes that can be easily cleaned with a plunger. Some people also use acid to clean their drains but this can be dangerous as the acid can dissolve a layer of your pipes and constant use of acid can cause your pipes a lot of damage. 

If your drains aren’t draining water and you’ve tried unclogging them with a plunger but it doesn’t work, then this means you need to call plumbers to take a look at the situation and see if there’s some other problem at hand. There might be roots growing into the pipes, or fungi or grease building up making the water path narrower. Plumbers can use a camera to check the pipes and see what’s wrong. 

The plumbers at Avanti also have drain cleaning and unclogging equipment which makes it a small and easy task for them saving a lot of time and extra effort.