Handles Vs. Knobs: Which Faucet Systems Last Longer?

December 26, 2020
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Faucet Systems

When you are looking for a new faucet, look to the help of the best plumbers in Phoenixville, PA. They will help you think about the options available to you and what is best for your home. Even when you seem certain about the decision you are making regarding your choice of a faucet, you will find many choices and styles to choose from. Among the different options open to you will be that of lull handle levers or knobs to turn your water on and off. Finding a long-lasting faucet should be high on your list of priorities when you are completing a bathroom remodel or replacing outdated sink systems.

Choosing Between Handle Levers and Knobs

The faucet system you choose should be chosen to fit the sink you are looking to install in your bathroom or kitchen. If you are installing a new faucet into an older sink, the first thing you need to look for is the number of holes for outlets you have in your sink. If your sink outlet has two or three holes, you will usually need to install a faucet with two knobs, instead of a single handle lever in the middle of the sink. A single hole in your sink will open up more options for you, with the double knob faucet often lasting longer than a single lever style. The other thing to consider is the distance between your faucet holes and how spread out your sink is. Most faucets are 4’’ center to center, some are 8’’ and some have an adjustable spread.

Choosing the Correct Material

You may become focused on the style of faucet you are choosing for your bathroom or kitchen, but your main choice should be which material you are getting for your faucet. The longest-lasting and highest quality faucets are usually made of all brass materials. Brass fixtures are heavier than lower-end versions when you pick them up. The choice of a new faucet should include taking a look at the packaging of your chosen fixture to make certain you get a high-end option.

Chrome is a Long-Lasting Material

Brass may be the most popular option when you are trying to decide on a long-lasting faucet, but it can be a difficult material to use. Ask our plumbers in Limerick, PA about brass fixtures and they will explain few homeowners want to match them to their cabinet handles and knobs.

Machineplated chrome faucets are a good option when you want a stylish and long-lasting fixture for your kitchen or bathroom. A single lever handle with a tall spout remains the most stylish option for most homeowners who want to find the best option for your bathroom or kitchen.