Zoned Heating and Cooling

December 30, 2019
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The search for the right HVAC contractor began at the Facilities Show. Here they met with Clean Air who impressed them. Like Paxton, Clean Air have over 30 years experience and a commitment to unrivalled technical and post sale support.

Visits to previous installations followed and Paxton were able to see, first hand, how expert design, considered specification and skilled installation combine to deliver outstanding cooling results.

Smart choice in Cooling

An important first step is the identification of hot or cold spots. Potential problem areas were considered. For example high storage areas, or the packing, loading and return bays. Also factors that can influence temperature such as doors and windows.

The Solution

Clean Air quickly got to work, scheduling the installation around the needs of Paxton to help minimise disturbance and avoid downtime in production.

For their economy, powerful cooling capability and strong green credentials the natural choice was the CoolBreeze QAD230 evaporative cooler. Four were duly installed, each unit able to reduce the temperature of 360 square metres by up to 16 degrees C. Hexagonal plenums were used to evenly distribute the chilled air to the factory floor of around 1000 square metres.

Finally to ensure that the newly introduced fresh and filtered cool air continually circulates the workplace, vents were strategically placed in the roof to expel the rising hot air. Commitment to health and safety was high. The factory has high ceilings and a double lift was required, not an issue for Clean Air engineers who have full ‘Working at Heights’ training.

The Result

The ultimate test came with the heatwave of July 2018 when temperatures regularly exceeded 30oC. The CoolBreeze units quickly proved their worth, keeping workers in air conditioned comfort with ease.

Perhaps not surprising given that they are designed and manufactured in Australia where such extreme high temperatures are the norm. Now that’s clever cooling!