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We understand that plumbing works can be expensive, and customers are often worried about extra hidden charges. However, the good news is we eliminate all of these unnecessary problems by offering accurate estimates beforehand, so you get to decide what’s best. Hence, whether you call us for small residential plumbing jobs or you want our team of expert plumbers to offer comprehensive commercial plumbing solutions, you get an accurate quote for everything.

Below is a brief overview of how we compose our estimates for each service:

Plumbing Estimate 

In a nutshell, the cost of plumbing jobs depends on the following factors: Labor fees (usually charged per hour, but we also offer a flat rate for small tasks)

  1. Replacement of parts while taking extra care of quality
  2. Haul-away fees (old plumbing)
  3. Service and diagnostic fees
  4. Permit fees
  5. Service and diagnostic fees

It is important for you to note that we don’t charge extra for any emergency calls.

Drain Replacement Estimate 

While it is pretty much obvious that drain replacement or repair is an expensive task, the total calculations again depend on these aspects:

  • Type of drain pipe that you want to replace (Cast Iron vs Plastic)
  • Cost of new drain pipe per foot
  • Location of the drain pipe which needs to be replaced inside the house
  • The scale of drain line leaks and breakage
  • Entire sewer line replacement or repair
  • Labour fees (either charged per hour or flat rate for small tasks)

We also assure to offer more details related to your particular tasks through the quote upon request.

Water Heater Estimate 

As Avanti always takes extra care that you get warm water inside your homes at all times, we also keep the quote straightforward and simple, which you can avail upon one call.

It is based on:

  • Type of Water Heater you want to buy or fix (Electric, Solar, Hybrid, Standard gas heater with tank or tankless)
  • Size of the Water Heater (from 20-100 gallons)
  • Venting system (direct or power vent)
  • Material of fittings and pipes
  • Additional charges of warranty
  • Removal of existing water heaters
  • Permits
  • Water and gas line installations
  • Labour charge for any extra electric work (per hour)

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