The Best Heating System

January 28, 2021
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The Best Heating System

I think the best heating system is the one that works best for the homeowner and their needs and importantly fits their application and their budget.

There are many different types of heating systems but here we will only touch base on the most common ones that we see daily. Not every home is built the same. Some homes are heated with oil, others with natural or LP gas, and some homes don’t have access to neither of these fossil fuels, so their only option is to use electricity for heat. Electric heat comes in different forms. 

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps have come along way in the last 20years and there are many options out there. You can purchase basic 14 seer heat pump systems that will cost less upfront in installation costs but will cost more to operate compared to some of these newer high seer heat pumps that don’t even need backup electricity. These high-efficiency heat pumps are a great option for homeowners in search of heating and air conditioning in Lansdale, PA.

Natural Gas and Lp Furnaces:

Gas furnaces come in different efficiency ratings. Some homes still utilize a chimney and for the most part, you will see 80% plus furnaces that use is a metal vent go into the base of the chimney to exhaust its flue gases. Some new homes don’t have a chimney so they use higher efficiency equipment that can have an Efficiency of 92% to 97%. The higher efficiency furnaces make condensate which has a ph of 4 which is acidic like orange juice and for those systems they should utilize a neutralizer to balance the ph on the condensate

Oil furnaces:

Some homes use oil warm air furnaces, these homes are starting to become less and less common. Most don’t like the unsightly oil tanks that take up space in the basement and depending on who you supplier sometimes the oil quality can be inconsistent. I would say the biggest downside is the reduced efficiency and the oil smell if care is not taken up for preventative maintenance.  

Mini-splits AKA small high-efficiency heat pumps

I am a big fan of mini splits and the technology has been around for a very long time and it’s only getting better and better. The systems have high seer values and perform very very well even in our northeastern climates. Some systems will not reduce in heating output even at 5-degree weather and will have 100% heat output at those severe outdoor temps and the best part is they do not use backup electricity. The indoor units come in many different configurations to match the application: there are ceiling cassettes, high wall units, floor consoles, ducted models, and are now even coming out with high static air handers. The key is that the heat is being produced by the compressor and refrigerant cycle not the backup electricity like a traditional heat pump would. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy

If every year, your old heating unit constantly needs to be repaired, you will likely need a new unit. Now is a great time to invest in the best heating and cooling system. First, have your old heating system inspected by Avanti Plumbing and Drains, the licensed professional heating repair in Collegeville, PA. Check our website for coupons and then contact us for a free estimate today!

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