How a Poorly Maintained HVAC System Can Cause Air Quality Problems

September 11, 2020
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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and, Air Conditioning) system helps maintain quality air within the house. This system affects the heating and cooling of a home through its ducts and vents. The system uses fresh air from outside to regulate the air inside.

While HVAC systems are durable, they may retain damages if poorly maintained. Damage may present itself as a leaking duct, a blocked vent, a dysfunctional thermostat, among other impairments. Poorly maintained HVACs are particularly at risk of failing, putting an entire household under the threat of breathing foul, or unhealthy air. Let’s briefly look at why HVACs perform poorly and how they cause air quality problems.

Why Your HVAC May Perform Poorly

Your HVAC system may fail if the mortar is dirty, and it doesn’t get enough air. When the air filters are dirty, they restrict air flows and lead to shutting down when the fan overheats. HVAC in Montgomery County, PA should get a replacement when they get out of shape. The HVAC system has an estimated lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Air Quality Problems Caused by Faulty HVAC

It is unfortunate that we may breathe unsafe air from inside our homes. The root of unhealthy air may be a poorly maintained HVAC. Faulty air conditioning systems cause air quality problems by:

  • Producing foul smell

Although bad odor comes from outside, a poorly maintained HVAC can aid pollution by pulling the air in through broken ducts. Additionally, when you are conditioning or heating, faulty pipes can collect contaminants around the house and spread this bad smell all over the house.

  • Dropping humidity control

A poorly maintained system may lose its ability to control air humidity. In such a case, the air gets excessively moist and warm. The humid air in the house is unhealthy as it can trigger colds and respiratory infections. It also creates a conducive space for mold to grow. Afterward, homeowners can see structural damage on wooden surfaces and rot on metallic ones.

  • Giving out hot air

An impaired HVAC may have a leaking refrigerant. Leakage will make the air conditioner function poorly. Instead of taking away the hot air, the coils covered in dirt may not expel the air to reduce the temperature. When there is poor ventilation, the air in your home can be extremely hot and uncomfortable.

We can conclusively say that most of the air pollution issues we have at home are caused by the malfunctioning of our HVAC.

Keep the HVAC System Healthy

From this understanding, maintaining your HVAC in good condition is very important. The air we breathe depends on the state of the air system we install in our homes. Assess your HVAC today, with the help of a professional, to enjoy clean, quality air.

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