10 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Constantly Running

September 2, 2020
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Having a working air conditioner makes our homes feel cool and comfortable during the summer season. However, when the equipment is continuously running without shutting off or cooling your house, it signals a problem. Here are some of the reasons why that might be happening.

1.         Unclean Evaporator Coil

The efficiency of an AC working will depend on the state of the evaporator. When the AC has a dirty evaporator, it will struggle to cool your house. Scheduling regular services and maintenance can save your AC system for this problem.

2.         Congested Air Filter

Debris and dirt on the air filter of your air conditioner will block the flow of air to the coil. This can hamper its functionality. The AC requires airflow to its coils to remove humidity and necessitate the cooling of air. When it’s not able to cool, it will run non-stop.

3.         A Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat regulates the powering on and off of an AC system. Thermostat senses when the cooling degree has been achieved and automatically turns off the system. If it’s faulty, the AC will not know when to power off.

4.         A Dirty Condenser

The AC system requires servicing and cleaning to ensure all parts are free from any blockage. The presence of debris and dirt hampers the air conditioner’s functionality.

5.         Poor Insulation

Your home insulation plays a significant role in how your AC system works. When your home has poor insulation, air can easily escape out. It keeps the air conditioner continually running in an attempt to fill your house with fresh air.

6.         The AC system Has Grown Old

When an air conditioner wears out because of old age, it takes more effort to cool the air inside your home than when it was new. Older air conditioner systems deserve a replacement.

7.         An Incorrect Size of Your Air Conditioner

When you remodel or resize your home to a bigger sitting room, you may need to upgrade to a more extensive AC system. There are different air conditioners for different sizes of houses. A small AC system will struggle to cool the air of a larger home.

8.         Low Coolant Charge

Coolant or refrigerant in an AC system is critical in cooling the air in your house. A low refrigerant charge in the order will struggle to cool the air hence constant running.

9.         Low Blower Speed

If the AC system’s blower cannot deliver enough air for the system, the air conditioner will not work efficiently. This forces the system to run continuously.

10.       Leaky Air Ducts

Older or leaky air ducts in your home that let air out could be another reason your air conditioner is continuously running.

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